domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

Current situation of the real estate market in the U.S.

Between 2010 and 2014 around a 1.4 trillion dollars in credits will arrive to their maturation date. Almost the half is at the present time in the situation of "underwater", that is to say the value of the loan is bigger to the asset of the guarantee the m2 value of the properties of real estate to fallen to but of 40% from the year 2007 to the current year 2010, they also fell the utilities of the rents in 40% for offices and 33% for commercial spaces, the increase of the unemployment is of 8% and it affects directly to the economy of the market, the banks in a half term could enter in insolvency.

He interviews the president of Malking Holdings, Mr. Peter Malkin that affirms us the situation criticizes of the real estate market in these days and like it affects the utilities of its real estate signature in more magnitude to that taken place by the buildings apartments of high quality classified as "class A" the highest in the sector, and in the commercialization of apartments of real estate in the last ones 3 or 4 years affected by the hypothecary crisis being expected an increase in the utilities of the rent but that at the moment they have gone down to a disconcerting index affecting the one he paid of the credits when these they conquer being those most affected ones the individual properties, I didn't seize the real estate signature Malking that didn't buy properties real estate in the last 5 years, besides possessing a conservative politics in what concerns to use hypothecary credits, in a mediate future they could acquire properties for the fall of the value real estate m2 but that the prices have not still played bottom for that the banks they have not been forced to liquidate the mortgages this will happen in next 24 months and he says that they will be attentive to the indexes of the value of the m2 of real estate, and preferably in the cities but important of the USA like NY, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, San Francisco.

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