miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010

Value and prices of the real estate in Spain

The most outstanding data in the month of July are:
  • The half price of the properties of second hand in Spain is of 2.309 Eurus the square meter M2, what supposes a descent of 0,5 percent regarding June
  • The annual variation (July 2009-July 2010) it registers a drop of 3,5%  
  • The real estate index fotocasa.es, with base 1.000 in January of 2005, have been located in 962 points
Elaborated by the IESE Business School, the Real estate Index fotocasa.es has as objective to be the indicator of reference of the evolution of the price of the housing in Spain. To carry out the analysis he/she takes like reference the half price of the housing in January of 2005 with an initial value of 1.000 points.

The Real estate Index reflective fotocasa.es the tendency of the market with certain advance to the rest of statistical existent since it is based on the price of sale intention and in their variations. The conclusions of the Index will should, therefore, to be picked up later on in the indicators that are based on final prices of sale.

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