lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Evolution of the value of the m2 in buildings real estate in Buenos Aires Argentina

The value of the m2 stops so far in the year 2010 increase in an average between 10% and 15%, to the més of July of the 2010 we see that what you/they predicted the consultants and specialists of the sector like some real estate signatures in December of the 2009, now is a reality. In a Note of December of the 2009 a place web dedicated to the information and economic and financial news interviews specialists of the sector those that predicted an increase between 10% and 15% about the value of the previous year, but contrary to the year 2009 that the calificarón like for the forgetfulness for the scarce carried out operations, the 2010 would be much better, for example in that affirmed by Héctor D´orico: “The 2010 will be positive you are in the Real one, they will be overturned to the market dollars of other activities that you/they will be preserved by the purchase of properties”, Héctor affirmed D´odorico, regular of the company that takes his name, in a report elaborated by the consultant it Reports Real estate.

In this context, consulted to a dozen of experts, regular of real estate of great prestige, developers and consultants to know its presage the prices of the housings will evolve about how.

Below we can see the percentage of increment of the value of the m2:

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